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Daily Dose - JPA 2.1 and JAX-RS 2.0: Voting Now Open

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Two major components of Java EE 7 are up for a vote this month: JSR 338: Java Persistence API 2.1 and JSR 339: JAX-RS (RESTful Web Services on Java) 2.0.  JPA 2.1 will support multitenancy, more event listeners and callback methods, and custom types and transformation methods for object/relational mapping.  JAX-RS 2.0 will define two client APIs and have integration with Bean Vaildation.  The ballot closes on January 24th.  In other news, Apple made it's first code commit to the OpenJDK.

Eclipse is Building a Web IDE Called "Orion"
Currently in the pre-proposal state, Eclipse president Mike Milinkovich introduced their new Orion project this week.  Orion is a plan to create an IDE that runs in al major browsers.  We've seen similar projects from Mozilla, who is still working on a "cloud IDE" called Skywriter (previously "Bespin").  The server-side for Orion will be an OSGi-based Java app  using Jetty and a RESTful interface.  Some Orion code contributions are currently in the e4 incubator.

iOS 4.3 Beta Now Available to Developers
Apple is gearing up for a software update on it's iOS devices.  Developers are now updating their apps and getting inspiration for new ones this week as they start to get their hands on the Beta version of iOS 4.3.  The new version will have some nifty four and five finger gestures (for iPad obviously) along with access to the AirPlay API.  Still no word on the Mobile Hotspot feature.

RichFaces 4.0 M5 is Loose
More components and stability come with the latest milestone release for RichFaces 4.0.  Milestone 5 also includes completed server side functionality and Ajax fallback support.  The next stage is CR1, and by then, all features should be finished.

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 An old memory leak problem in Java returns.
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Lukas Eder replied on Fri, 2011/01/14 - 7:34am

Great hint for the JSR 338. I'm very curious how JPA will manage to achieve to integrate these things in the already very verbose criteria API and how it will compare to alternative visions of persistence integration in Java, like my own one expressed in jOOQ, or that of QueryDSL

From the JSR 338:

Improvements to the Java Persistence query language and criteria APIs, including:

  • support for stored procedures;
  • support for additional built-in functions, and for the invocation of other database and vendor functions;
  • support for downcasting;
  • support for outer joins with ON conditions;
  • update and delete criteria queries;
  • support for mapping between JPQL queries and criteria queries.

Are there any API drafts for JPA 2.1 out yet?

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